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RONIN WORLDWIDE EXECUTIVE PROTECTION desires to build a strong database of personnel that are highly trained and motivated. We use only the best that are thoroughly screened. In all cases, we subscribe to the #1 theory, that the best trained operators come from the 4 branches of U.S. service. Special Forces, SEAL, Marine Force Recon, Ranger, Air Force Combat Controllers and Air Commandos, Intelligence, Counter-intelligence, Military law enforcement, and related special skills.

We welcome you and your expertise in service of this great nation... in the private sector as a specialized skill contractor. We also welcome our NATO trained allies from the various special forces teams that have trained alongside us and subscribe to the same standards…..EXCELLENCE. We are Ronin and are worldwide and global in our philosophy and outlook to be the best.

We are also interested in women with skills listed above. In some cases a woman operator is a requirement especially in the area of Executive Protection and Estate Security where the client may request females only.

If you feel you are qualified, please submit a resume and photos to

Ronin Worldwide Executive Protection LLC
P.O. Box 422
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

Persons with current or recent security clearances of Secret, Top Secret, or other clearance designations are asked to indicate this in their submissions. Please include your DD214 and other military separation documents necessary for evaluation at RONIN to help us accomplish our mission…….SERVICE.


Resumes and photos:



  1. Full Frontal (business attire - suit and tie)

RESUME: (Please note the items below, 1 - 5.  Simply stating  that you would like a job will not suffice and will go unanswered.)

    1. Contact us via our Contacts page to attain what email address to send your Microsoft Word .doc files or mail a hard copy to the address above.
    2. Indicate availability and pay requirements.
    3. Indicate certifications, training, and experience.
    4. If you wish to be available for other types of work please indicate that.
    5. Indicate what your personal life philosophy is and what it is you believe in.